History - Thirumeyyam

Both Moolavar and Uthsavar have Panchayuda(5 weapons). Uthsava moorthy is believed to be made of solid gold. Entry to the temple is through the Big door on the north side as eighteen steps leading to the temple tower (guraded by Karuppu devata) is not opened these days. Noopura Ganga falls is on the Silambaru river and is about 4 kms. from the temple. This water is considered to be equal to Ganga. Thirumanjanam to Perumal is done only with this theertam. The hills surrounding the temple are called Vrishabadri as they look like Vrishaba and cow. During Trivikrama avathara, part of the water that was used by Brahma to wash the feet of Lord passed through the Silambu (ornament worn by dancers on the legs - Gungroo) and fell here and flowed. Hence the river is called Silambaru.

Thaayaar - Sundaravalli, Sridevi.

Theertham - Noopura Gangai, Silambu river.

Thirumangaialwar - 1090, 1206, 1524, 1660, 1760, 1852, 2016, 2050, 2674 (126).

Total of 9 Paasurams.

Special Information
Dieties Sathyagiri Nathan, Uyyavandhal
Vimanam Sathyagiri Vimanam(Sathyagiri)
Theerthangal Sathya Theertham, Kadhamba Pushkarini
Mangalasasanam Thirumangaiazhwar
Pratyaksham Sathya Devathas
Direction and Posture East-faced and Standing Posture (Also in: Bhujangashayanam in this Kshetra)
Vriksha Palaa Vriksham
Travel Base Madurai
This Kshetra is also called as Pancha Sathya Kshetram. 'Sathyam' means 'Truth' or 'truthhood' and hence, this Kshetra is also called as 'Thirumeyyam'. Accessible from Thirumeyyam Railway Station, en route Trichy - Manamadurai line. Also about 12 miles from Pudukottai towards Karaikudi(bus route).
Access to the temple About 12 miles north of Madurai. Good bus facility.

The Moolavar of this sthalam is Sathya Giri Nathan. Also named as "Sathya Moorthy". He is found in Nindra (Standing) thriukkolam facing his thriumugham along the East direction. Prathyaksham for all Sathya Devar and Devadhais. The perumal gives his seva in 3 different thirukkolam. First is the Sathyamoorthy in Nindra kolam, the second as Meyyappan in Sayana and bogha kidautha kolam.

How to Get There.

This divyadesam is situated in Pudukottai district in Tamil Nadu. It is situated 13 Km away from Pudukkottai on the south direction. We can reach this sthalam by getting down in Thirumeyyam railway station which is found in between pudukottai Karaikudi railway lane and has to travel one mile from Thriumeyyam railway station. Lots of Bus facilities are also available but there are no enough lodging facilities. malai (mountain).