Vinnulaga Tirupathigal


Chozha Tirupathigal - 1 to 40
Malayaala Tirupathigal - 41 to 53
Nadu Tirupathigal - 54 to 55
Pandiya Tirupathigal - 56 to 73
Thondal Tirupathigal - 74 to 95
Vada Tirupathigal - 96 to 106
Vinnulaga Tirupathigal - 107 to 108
History - Vinnulaga Tirupathigal
Vinnulaga Thriuppathigal are said to be divyadesams wher we cant go through our human body, only our soul (Aathma can go into it). There are two Vinnulaga divyadesams they are Thiruppaarkadal and Paramapadham. The Jeevathmas that are released (the soul) from our human body attains Mukthi and it is said to reach the Paramathma.

In these two divyadesams, in one he is found in Sayana (Kidantha) thirukkolam in Thiruppaarkadal and in Paramapadham, he is found in Veetrirundha thirukkolam. In Thiruppaarkadal, he is found facing his thirumugham along South direction, which is said to be the direction where Dharmarajan is found. In Paramapadham also, he is found facing his thirumugham along the South direction. 

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107. Thirupparamapadham 108. Thiruppaarkadal